• Johane Amirault
    Johane Amirault
    Abstract Large-Scale Landscapes, Portraits, and Still Lifes in Oil
  • Fabienne Bismuth
    Fabienne Bismuth
    Abstract Figures in Bronze
  • Neal Boor
    Neal Boor
    Abstract, Non-Objective, Oil
  • Marie Cameron
    Marie Cameron
    Florals, Portraits, Land and Seascapes in Oil
  • Noreen Christopher
    Noreen Christopher
    Contemporary Abstracts
  • Gary Coleman
    Gary Coleman
    Abstract & Landscapes, Oil
  • Nancy De Weese
    Nancy De Weese
    Figures in Watercolor
  • Vernon Dittenbir
    Vernon Dittenbir
    Animals & Floral, Oil
  • Chris Dok
    Chris Dok
    Palette Knife Paintings
  • Marilyn Dorsa
    Marilyn Dorsa
  • Joan Drennan
    Joan Drennan
    Still Life, Landscape & Portraits, Oil
  • Danielle Dufayet
    Danielle Dufayet
    Acrylic, Mixed Media
  • Kay Duffy
    Kay Duffy
    Watercolor and Abstract Collage
  • Karen Garappolo
    Karen Garappolo
    People & Dogs, Fanciful Foods
  • Lance Glasser
    Lance Glasser
    Sculpture in Bronze
  • Scott Grabowski
    Scott Grabowski
    All genres, oil
  • Veronica Gross
    Veronica Gross
    Monotype, Watercolor
  • Joan Harvey
    Joan Harvey
    Figurative, Mixed Media
  • Mary Ann Henderson
    Mary Ann Henderson
    Landscapes, Portraits, Still Life; all Mediums
  • Ellen Howard
    Ellen Howard
    Plein Air Landscapes & Still Life in Oil
  • Yao-Pi Hsu
    Yao-Pi Hsu
    Photography, abstract, landscape, flowers
  • Kevin Kasik
    Kevin Kasik
    Impressionist, Tonality & Mood
  • Ellen Kieffer
    Ellen Kieffer
    Printmaker, etchings, monotypes, monoprints
  • Carolyn Larsen
    Carolyn Larsen
    Watercolor, Oil
  • Lorraine Lawson
    Lorraine Lawson
    Lyrical Abstractions & Contemporary Landscapes
  • Diana Leone
    Diana Leone
    Still Life and Landscapes in Oil
  • Belinda Lima
    Belinda Lima
    Mixed Media Paintings
  • Ed Lucey
    Ed Lucey
    Landscapes in Oil
  • Betty McGuire
    Betty McGuire
    Oils, variety
  • Will Maller
    Will Maller
    Painterly Oils
  • Deborah Matlack
    Deborah Matlack
    Portraits, Pastels
  • Susan Miller
    Susan Miller
    Mixed Media Assemblage
  • Linda Mitchell
    Linda Mitchell
    Landscape, still-life, oil
  • Sandi Okita
    Sandi Okita
    Figurative Oils
  • Donna Orme
    Donna Orme
    Abstract printmaking, Acrylic, Mixed Media
  • Sam Pearson
    Sam Pearson
    Plein Air Landcapes, Pastels
  • Judith Peterson
    Judith Peterson
    Portrair, Landscape, Abstracts in Oil
  • Carole Rafferty
    Carole Rafferty
    Landscapes and Portraits in Oil
  • Michael Rogan
    Michael Rogan
    Drawings & Watercolors
  • Pat Sherwood
    Pat Sherwood
    Abstract Landscapes & Figures, Oil
  • Sandra Smith-Dugan
    Still Life, Plein Air, Seascape & Figurative Oil Paintings
  • Linda Smythe
    Linda Smythe
    Still Life and Figurative Oil Painter
  • Lucas Stamos
    Lucas Stamos
    California landscapes, Oil
  • David Stonesifer
    David Stonesifer
    Plein Air Landscapes
  • Pat Suggs
    Pat Suggs
    Floral, Landscapes, Seascapes
  • Jeanne Tillman
    Jeanne Tillman
    3-D Paper Casting
  • Janet Trenchard
    Janet Trenchard
    Abstract, Mixed Media
  • Jeanette Turkus
    Jeanette Turkus
    Mixed Media Paintings
  • Karen Van Galder
    Karen Van Galder
    Figurative Ceramic Sculpture
  • Holly Van Hart
    Holly Van Hart
    Abstract Nature Paintings
  • Julia Watson
    Julia Watson
    Still Life/Florals, Oil
  • Yoju
    Watercolor & Mixed Media

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