The Museums of Los Gatos 2014 Santa Clara County-wide High School Art Exhibition

2014 Santa Clara County-wide High School Art Exhibition

In this third annual county-wide competition, The Museums of Los Gatos asks young artists to contemplate the idea that art is a conversation and to visually communicate their answers.

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Entries for the Art Exhibition, hosted at The Art Museum of Los Gatos on April 24-May 5, 2014 are now closed.
For all participating students (and educators) we have compiled an important instruction packet to read through and keep handy. Please click to download below:

Click here for a PDF version of the brochure

How the Winners Will Be Determined
How To Apply
Important Dates
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Last Year’s Winners

We congratulate the following students are participating this year:

  • Alcantara, Alyanah
  • Arabaci, Levent
  • Askhatova, Ardak
  • Bake, Aryamitra
  • Beard, William
  • Behar, Jacob
  • Boadwee, Gloria
  • Brenny, Katie
  • Brunton, Maya
  • Campbell, Chase
  • Cassell, Harriet
  • Chen, Erin
  • Alcantara, Alyanah
  • Cheng, Amanda
  • Choi, Jane
  • Cook, Nate
  • Covey, Joseph
  • Cramer, Roy
  • Dello Buono, Esther
  • Dillon, Katie
  • Ding, Han
  • Duncan, Rachel
  • Enkhsarnai, Enerel
  • Gallagher, Erin
  • Garcia, Adrian
  • Gonzales, Sienna
  • Gravett, Jason
  • Greene, Matthew
  • Hansen, Andrea
  • Hsu, Rebecca
  • Kerr, Lauren
  • Knowles, Hannah
  • Kuta, Sofia
  • Kwon, Sophia
  • Lee, Chieh En (Kelly)
  • Lee, Monika
  • Lee, Youjin
  • Levin Yuri
  • Lin, Franny
  • Lopez, Hector
  • Luke, Tsai
  • McNelis, Madeline
  • Minjarez, Gabriel
  • Moseley, Hope
  • Moss, Savannah
  • Moulds, Riley
  • Nguyen, Sabrina
  • Paley, Allison
  • Park, Lauren
  • Park, Yoon
  • Pruett, Christine
  • Rudolph, Nolan
  • Sandoval, Sandra
  • Shea, Laura
  • Shen, Audey
  • Steck, Meagan
  • Tanaka, Kane
  • Teng, Lindsy
  • Vendelin, Nicole
  • Vikhliantsev, Valerie
  • Walker, Evan
  • Wang, Katherine
  • Wang, Kelly
  • Wu, Tiffany
  • Yoon, Jihae (Iris)
  • Zhang, Chengshu

Art is a conversation. What do you have to say?

Artists are continually inspired by questions and ideas provoked by other artists and artworks or by the world around them. What are the issues or conversations that spark your creativity? Here are a few example approaches, but the possibilities are limitless-follow your passion.

  • Think about the ways visual artists have stimulated conversation about social or global issues. For example, check out the works by José Clemente Orozco and the Mexican muralists or photojournalists like war photographer James Nachtwey.
  • Collaboration-consider how artists’ dialogue with one another enhances and impacts their work. Artist William Kentridge’s film installation, The Refusal of Time, developed and grew throughout a series of conversations with science historian Peter Galison.
  • Re-presentation and sampling can be a kind of historic conversation. How does staging Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in a contemporary context impact the message? Think about how hip hop artists use classic samples to layer meaning behind their own work.

Creative individuals will gain real-world experience at presenting artwork in a competitive environment.

A jury of three university-level artist-educators will select works to be included in the exhibition.


Professional-development scholarships totaling $10,000 will be awarded in several categories.In addition to Best in Show and People’s Choice, there will be 1st and 2nd place winners in six categories: Painting, Photography, Drawings/Prints, New Media, Mixed Media, and 3D Sculpture/Ceramics.

For each student selected to exhibit their artwork, a $5 gift will be given to their art instructors to be used for classroom art supplies.

Awards will be announced at the opening reception on April 24, 2014. People’s Choice voting takes place online and in the gallery and will be announced after the exhibition closes.


Santa Clara County high School students (public, private or home schooled) in grade levels 9-12 are eligible to participate.

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How the winners will be determined

After the submission deadline (midnight, February 14, 2014) a jury comprised of three university-level artist-educators will review all submissions and select artworks for the exhibition.

Student artwork selected for exhibition will be posted on the museum’s website high school page (this page) by midnight, Friday, February 28.

Once the artwork selections have been announced, students will have until April 3-6 to deliver the artworks to the museum. The artworks must be delivered ready to hang.

If artwork is not delivered by the due date, it will not be considered for awards.

The jury will convene prior to the opening reception Thursday, April 24 to determine scholarship winners. In addition to “Best in Show” and “People’s Choice” there will be 1st and 2nd place winners in each category. Winners will be announced during the reception.

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