Do you have artifacts, documents or photographs that you believe would enrich the museum collection? Read on!

Share your artifacts

If you have any such material, we would love to hear from you! Please use the Donation Form to provide us with a description and a photograph of your proposed donation. Each object will be evaluated according to our collections scope, what we already have in the collection, and our space constraints. The History Museum of Los Gatos cannot accept donated materials unless you first submit a completed donation form.

The Museum has limited space and limited staff. We hope you understand that the Museum cannot take possession of, nor accept responsibility for, potential donations brought into the Museum.

How does the History Museum decide what to accept?

Donated materials will be assessed by the Curator who will make a recommendation to the History Committee for consideration at its monthly meetings. The History Museum actively collects artifacts for its collections and is only looking for artifacts that are documented or can be documented as to provenance, date, age, etc. The quality and historical relevance of collections objects is stressed over the condition of the collections objects. There are specific criteria, means, and stipulations applying to all the Museum’s acquisitions, but if it has historical significance that matches our mission and scope we would like to have it.

Sometimes we accept donations of items strictly for purposes of education and interpretation and not as part of our permanent collection.

To ensure that any new addition to The History Museum of Los Gatos collection will receive the care it deserves in terms of preservation, museum-quality storage and exhibition, a careful review of the material, considering the points below, will be made by the Museum’s Curator and History Committee:

  • Does the material fulfill the Museum’s mission?
  • Does the material duplicate material already in the collection?
  • Does the Museum have the resources to adequately preserve, store and care for the material?

Items we are no longer able to accept

  • Newspapers
  • Large Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Ethnographic Material (i.e. Native American artifacts and ephemera)
  • Typewriters

The History Museum of Los Gatos thanks you for considering us as a potential home for your historic materials.

Share Your Memories! Share Your Stories!

The History Museum of Los Gatos is looking for your memories! Do you have a story or memory that you feel embodies or is important to Los Gatos history? If so, we want you to share it with us. We hope to include these community stories in a new long-term exhibit being developed for the History Museum.

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